Delicious pizza, made fresh for you, right here, because it’s awesome… Eat it.

Available only at Nomad Bar
Every evening starting at 5pm

Small/Individual: 7”
Medium: 10”
Large: 12”

$5, $8, or $11
always a classic;
this cheese pizza is made with Parmesan, Romano, provolone, and mozzarella

$5, $8, or $11
another classic, just like the cheese pizza,
but with a healthy topping of crisped pepperoni

$5, $8, or $11
with a base of olive oil, Italian seasonings, parmesan, romano, and garlic,
the basil, mozzarella, and 
tomato topping blend just perfectly
with the balsamic reduction drizzled on top.

Spinach & Feta
$5, $8, or $11
a vegetarian favorite that everyone can enjoy! 

Sweet Italian Sausage with Spicy Giardiniera
$5, $9, or $12
a taste out of Chicago!
perfectly seasoned Italian sausage accompanies a medley of
traditional house 
pickled vegetables
chef’s favorite

$5, $9, or $12
this acronym pie features a pesto base with bacon, mushrooms, and spinach

Tre Porcellini
$6, $10, or $13
Italian for three little pigs
this pie comes topped with prosciutto, capicola, and soppresatta

Grilled Pineapple & Blackened Crawfish
$6, $10, or $13
the name says it all!
also comes topped with onion and jalapeno
feel free to substitute capicola for a spicy Hawaiian pie!


Don’t see something that you would like? Ask! We might have it, and if we don’t, maybe we will start to carry it! These pies are some of our favorite ideas, but feel free to add or remove toppings, improve upon the designs, or come up with your very own! If we have the toppings, we can make your very own pie design!

This is a catering company. Although we are associated with Nomad Bar, this means that, unfortunately, you can not put your pizza on your tab. Luckily, we still accept cash or credit!